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Pearl farming in Phu Quoc

Thứ bảy, 20-11-2021 | 10:01GMT+7
OVN - Over the years, thank to the application of advanced technologies from such countries as Australia, Japan etc. mussel-for- pearl raising industry in Phu Quoc has been developed. The majority of pearls are used for making milky or black necklaces which are very luxury and valuable.

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In Phu Quoc, pearl culture has undergone nearly 20 years of formation and development according to the technology of Australia and Japan to create a unique tourism product, serving the needs of shopping, making jewelry and gifts. Souvenirs of domestic and international tourists when traveling to Phu Quoc.

Favorable natural conditions with clean sea water of Phu Quoc sea are very suitable for mussel farming for pearls. Pearl production facilities are often located in calm seas. Raising mussels at sea is not a simple and easy job.
Before raising mussels, people have to build buoys and net cages in the sea. This investment needs to spend tens of millions of dong to prepare. The mother sons are carefully selected by the breeders and raised in pre-prepared cages.

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When the mussels have the standard size, time and condition of the gonads, the breeder will transplant the nucleus into the mussels to create pearls. Depending on the size of the pearl, the time to raise mussels after transplanting will range from 1 to 4 years.

Usually, the period from August to October every year will be the time to harvest pearls. The pearls, after being harvested, will be washed and carefully selected. Pearls that are not round or have a lot of stains will not be up to standard and will need to undergo another treatment.

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Qualified pearls need to meet seven factors in terms of Size, Shape, Color, Shine, Surface Smoothness, Quality of mother-of-pearl, Compatibility of the pearls when combined with each other. Phu Quoc pearls have high value because they fully meet all seven requirements above. Depending on the color, shape and quality of each pearl, the price of each pearl will range from a few tens to several thousand dollars.

Pearls are usually white, sometimes cream or pinkish, and can be tinged with yellow, green, brown, purple, or black. Pearl products in Phu Quoc have many colors, with luster, brightness and perfect roundness, beautiful; Especially black and blue pearls are almost exclusively found in Phu Quoc.

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The profession of raising mussels for pearls in Phu Quoc contains many interesting things from the "crystallization" of the sea. It can be said that pearls are a masterpiece that mother nature has bestowed on the pearl island. The rich and poetic Phu Quoc island is an attractive destination waiting for you to explore and experience.
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