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OCOP Binh Dinh: Potential Products

Thứ hai, 08-11-2021 | 13:41GMT+7
OVN - The One Commune One Product (OCOP) program in Binh Dinh has been implemented since 2018, so far the province has had 81 products recognized as standard and graded from 3 to 5 stars. Through the OCOP program, many rural craft villages have been expanded and developed; at the same time raising a number of high quality products to export to foreign markets.
Binh Dinh is a land with a long history, the convergence and harmony of cultures of many ethnic groups, so its forms of living, production and culture activities are also very special, rich, reflecting the mental and spiritual life of the people here. Responding to the program “One Commune One Product” launched by the Prime Minister, Binh Dinh province has issued a plan to implement the program “One Commune One Product in the period of 2018 - 2020, vision to 2030”. Accordingly, the whole province has 81 products of 71 enterprises, cooperatives and production and business establishments to introduce to consumers, businesses, consumer connection units and distribution business cooperation at home and abroad in order to provide an overview of unique and typical products of Binh Dinh province.

Some typical products in the program "One Commune One Product" of Binh Dinh province:

Pure coconut oil 

Coconut oil has many effects in health care and beauty, supports natural weight loss through the ability to burn excess energy, supports the treatment of digestive disorders, is good for the heart, or can be used such as personal care products: skin oil (softening, anti-dryness), hair oil (smoothing hair, eliminating dandruff), massage oil, etc.
This product met OCOP 5-star standard in 2020. 

Breeding chicken

Binh Dinh province is considered as the key area of chicken breeds of the whole country, a typical investment in development of broiler chickens towards biosecurity associated with chain linkage for domestic consumption and export.

Binh Dinh currently has 2 enterprises specializing in breeding, hatching, and supplying the country's famous colored feathered chickens. That distributes nearly 100 million breeding chickens to domestic and foreign markets every year, accounting for nearly 40% of the domestic breeder market share. 


Tuna is a key seafood export product of Binh Dinh's seafood industry. In recent years, the province has promoted the implementation of a chain of links in exploitation, purchasing, processing and consumption of ocean tuna. Tuna products meet the standards of OCOP 5-stars from 2019. 

The province currently has more than 2,100 fishing vessels specializing in tuna fishing, including more than 1,300 vessels engaged in ocean tuna fishing. In June 2018, the National Office of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology) certified the trademark "Binh Dinh Ocean Tuna".

Happing Salt

Happing salt is a salt product with low Nacl content, very suitable for people with high blood pressure. This is a successfully researched product of Binh Dinh Salt and Food Joint Stock with 4-star OCOP standard from 2020.

Rice paper

Binh Dinh is considered the hometown of rice paper. Legend has it that rice paper is a strategic food that was born with the high - speed footsteps of Tay Son army. Today, rice paper is one of the famous specialists of Binh Dinh land. There are many different types of rice paper such as: normal rice paper, coconut milk rice paper, mango rice paper, sweet potato rice paper, etc.

In the province, there are 4 units producing rice paper of all kinds with 3-star and 4-stars OCOP standards.

Song Than dried rice noodle (Song Than vermicelli)

It is made of green beans, famous for its delicious taste and high nutritional value, is produced in the An Thai village (Nhon Phuc - An Nhon). The reason for the name “Song Than” is because when making vermicelli, people usually catch vermicelli into double.

Song Than vermicelli is processed into a lot of delicious dishes such as to serve with broth and beef, soup with pork or shrimp or fry with eel, etc. Today, Song Than vermicelli has reached out to conquer many domestic and foreign markets.

Phu Gia horse hat

Phu Gia horse hat is a unique handicraft item, imbued with Binh Dinh cultural identity and considered a "masterpiece" of conical hats. The profession of making horse hats in Phu Gia has existed for a long time and has been kept until now. Horse hats are made by skillful and talented hands of skilled craftsmen in Phu Gia. It symbolizes the strength and majesty of the martial artist, associated with the high-speed Tay Son armies. Called a horse hat because the hat has toughness and durability that is suitable for wearing when riding a horse.

Do Van Lan facility (Address: Cat Tuong commune, Phu Cat district) has received a certificate of 4-star OCOP standard in 2019 for this Phu Gia horse hat.
Phu Gia horse hat

Bamboo & rattan handicrafts

In the development of traditional craft villages and handicrafts in Vietnam, the bamboo and rattan production plays a very important role. Traditional bamboo and rattan crafts create familiar products such as making bridges, ropes, baskets, tables, chairs, sieves, etc. The main materials are bamboo, cork, rattan, etc...
In Binh Dinh, these are honored to meet the 4-star OCOP standard in 2020. 
Bamboo & rattan handicrafts

Papyrus mat

Weaving papyrus mat is a traditional profession in many localities in the province such as: papyrus mats in Chuong Hoa village (Hoai Chau Bac commune); Cong Thanh (Tam Quan Nam ward); An Loi and Lac Dien (Phuong Thang) have been registered with place names associated with typical local products at the National Office of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology). This is an important activity to affirm Binh Dinh papyrus mat quality and go further. 

From hand - woven mats, Hoai Chau Bac commune has been famous for machine-woven mats for several years. The price of machine-woven mats is 28 - 32% higher than that of hand-woven mats depending on each type, with diversified and eye - catching designs.

The papyrus mat made by 2 units: Vo Van Le business household and Ly Van Khanh business household in Hoai Chau Bac commune, Hoai Nhon town are all 3-star OCOP standards.. 

 Bau Da rice whiskey

Bau Da rice whiskey is one of the specialties of Binh Dinh province and recognized by the Vietnam Record Organization in the TOP 10 famous whiskey specialties in Vietnam. Nowadays, the reputation of Bau Da rice whiskey has spread nationwide, becoming an indispensable gift for every tourist when visiting Binh Dinh. In 2019, Bau Da rice whiskey produced by Hoa Thuong Facility reached the 3-star Ocop standard. 

Besides, Binh Dinh has a lot of OCOP certified products and stands quite firmly in the market, especially products that are recognized with 5-star standards. The products that achieve 3 stars and 4 stars are all typical local products, meeting product quality standards and safe production such as: fish sauce, rice vermicelli, green grapefruit, Hong cake, noodle No. 8 Tam Quan Nam, Brid’s nest…

The program "One commune one product" has contributed to economic restructuring in rural areas, increased people's incomes and is an important solution to implement the group of criteria on production, income and poor households in the construction of advanced new rural areas and model new rural areas of Binh Dinh province. OCOP products not only contain the cultural quintessence of the residential community but also serve as a bridge to promote the image of Binh Dinh in particular and Vietnam in general to international friends.
Anh Tuyet

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