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Lao Cai: Developing digital economic with OCOP products

Thứ bảy, 29-10-2022 | 14:19GMT+7
OVN - Incorporating in the national economic development, Lao Cai province is actively innovating, using technology as a means of introducing and promoting products, including OCOP products and gradually participating in the digital transformation of the local economy.
Currently, Lao Cai province advocates implementing the digital economy, applying information technology to promote and put OCOP products on the e-commerce platform, both to serve the recovery of production and business after the pandemic. implementing business digitization.
Some of Lao Cai pro vince's OCOP products

Some of Lao Cai province's OCOP products 

Despite being controlled, the Covid-19 epidemic has caused a lot of pressure as well as a strong motivation in encouraging the digital transformation process and the digital economy burst in Vietnam. This creates a promising opportunity for domestic enterprises to encounter new and efficient directions as well as operations. Seizing the movement, Lao Cai province advocates implementing the digital economy, applying technology in promoting and selling products on the e-commerce platform, while assisting the recovery of production and business after the epidemic and implementing business digitization.

Currently, Lao Cai has about 10,000 large and small enterprises operating in a variety of fields such as agriculture, construction, trade, and services. Once, these businesses were struggling to find outlets for their products, now they have converted from traditional business forms to online sales via social networking channels and e-commerce platforms. With the application of technology in business activities, utilizing QR-Code not only helps businesses increase revenue, and save costs and labor but also raises their reputation and appeal in the market.
OCOP Lao Cai products' man aging Website

OCOP Lao Cai products' managing Website 

Statistics from the Center for Industry Promotion and Trade Promotion of Lao Cai province show that there are more than 30 local products traded on the e-commerce platform Postmart.vn. Primarily, agricultural products with OCOP certification, such as Seng Cu Luong Son rice, Muong Khuong chili sauce, Thanh Son ginseng noodles, Tam Hoa Bac Ha plum, etc. These products have received many positive feedbacks from customers about the quality and convenience of transactions through e-commerce platforms, hence motivating businesses to continue to maintain and develop the digital economic trade.

In 2022, Lao Cai province is expected to prioritize completing two digital economic goals. Foremost, focus on bringing all OCOP products to e-commerce platforms. Secondly, help a part of businesses, cooperatives, and households with OCOP products create a digital booth and register for an electronic payment account.

Mr. Ha Duc Binh - Director of the Provincial Center for Industrial Promotion and Trade Promotion, stated that Lao Cai's participation and association with the country's e-commerce platforms is an inevitable process of the local digital economic development. This is a good opportunity for businesses to profitably introduce and promote products, as well as a foundation to bring specialties and OCOP Lao Cai products to more demanding markets such as Europe and America.

It can not be denied that the "digital transformation" has not only represented an inevitable tendency of the economic development process but has also become a national goal. Thus, improving the operations and competitiveness of businesses in Lao Cai and the country. This will also be the new development direction of Lao Cai province - safe development and utilizing the digital economy.

Bao Long (Translated by Anh Thu)


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