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Lai Chau specialties

Thứ năm, 25-11-2021 | 16:03GMT+7
OVN - Located in the northwest of the country, adjacent to the provinces of Lao Cai, Dien Bien, Son La, Yen Bai with more than 20 ethnic groups living, Lai Chau has hidden beauty - with majestic mountains, with delicious forest-flavored dishes.
Lai Chau is not only famous for its beautiful nature, but it also has unique dishes with bold mountain characteristics such as: dried buffalo meat, strawberry rice, goby buried in ashes, rock moss, Sung Phai corn wine...

Specialty Dried buffalo meat
Dried buffalo meat is a specialty that cannot be ignored in the Northwest region. Depending on the region, people have their own processing methods to create dishes with very typical flavors of that land. Unlike the kitchen buffalo meat of the Son La people, the dried buffalo meat in Lai Chau is marinated for 2 hours and must be grilled on charcoal for the meat to smell. What could be more wonderful than sipping a glass of corn wine in chilly afternoons with buffalo meat to feel the wonderful combination of the cuisine of this land.

Strawberry rice
In Lai Chau, strawberry rice is quite famous. The rich taste of strawberry rice is not mixed with the taste of any other rice, making people remember forever. Talking about mulberry rice varieties in Lai Chau, the most standard must be those in San Thang 1 and 2 villages; Chin Chu Chai; Lung Than because rice in these regions is considered the best. It seems that the earth, air and mountain wind here have harmonized and crystallized into the delicious taste in each grain of rice, so the special flavor of this product has long captivated the hearts of people to enjoy.

Goby buried in ash
If you have the opportunity to come to Vang Pheo village, Phong Tho, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the special ash-buried goby dish of the white Thai ethnic group. Goby fish, after being cleaned and marinated with spices, left for about 15 - 30 minutes to absorb, will be wrapped in dong leaves and buried in hot ash. During the ash burying process, about every 30 minutes, the fish pack will be turned over once. Do this a few times until the fish is cooked evenly. The party of flavour will make you feel like an explosion of the senses.  

There are more specialties such as purple sticky rice, stream rock moss, bitter leaf soup, Sung Phai corn liquor, and mixed salad of young bamboo Ban flower and Don vegetable...
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