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Hoa Binh specialties

Thứ hai, 06-12-2021 | 11:33GMT+7
OVN - Hoa Binh attracts tourists by its unique culture and a great diversity of ethnic identities, along with its own specialties, as well as the majestic scenery of the Da River, the romance of Thung Nai, the picturesqueness of Mai Chau and the bustle of Lac Village.

Grilled Da river fish

Talking about Hoa Binh, people may think of grilled Da River fish. The fish is attached to bamboo grids for being grilled on burning coal. The grilled fish is served on a piece of green banana leaves and with salt mixed. The combined flavours of fresh bamboo, banana leaves, salt makes the dish really attractive. 

Com lam Hoa Binh

Com lam Hoa Binh (Hoa Binh sticky rice cooked in bamboo tubes) is cooked from hilly glutinous rice, having a distinct aroma of coconut and coconut milk, a smell of sugar cane blended with forest leaves. Com lam can be eaten with chicken, broth, or pickled bamboo shoots... but dotting with sesame salt always gives the most delicious taste. 

Hoa Binh pickled pork is also a memorable dish when bringing the flavor of the whole nature here. First, wild banana leaves are heated on fire, then lined with bamboo or cork bottoms and then spread the meat. When arranging meat, each layer of meat must be spread with a layer of roasted rice and roasted salt.

Pickled and sour meat

Do this in turn until the pot is full, then close the lid, store the meat in the attic or the area around the wood stove. In order for the meat to have a natural sour flavor, you cannot forget to marinate the pork with wild yeast and crushed roasted rice. When enjoying, should be eaten with wild leaves to be able to fully feel the greasy taste of pork, sour and sour yeast leaves, sweet and fragrant of rice and a little rich of salt.

  Visiting Hoa Binh, you should also not miss the opportunity to enjoy the dishes bearing the wild imprints of the people here such as boiled pork belly, colorful sticky rice, bitter bamboo shoots, day cake, buffalo meat with lom leaves, spring rolls with leaves. pomelo... Every dish has a unique and irresistible taste.
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