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Hanoi specialties

Thứ năm, 18-11-2021 | 13:05GMT+7
OVN- Not only is it one of the favorite places of domestic and foreign tourists, Hanoi also attracts tourists by the richness and sophistication in the cuisine of the Trang An people.

Hanoi has a rich cuisine
Hanoi is known as one of the most hotspots for local and foreign visitors in the country. The capital's attractive places to visitors are the One Pillar Pagoda, the Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple and Tran Quoc Pagoda. And Hanois delicate and specific cuisine has made a deep impression on visitors. 

Referring to Hanoi cuisine, the first thing to mention is pho. The special feature that makes Hanoi Pho famous is its sweet and fragrant broth, flawless white noodles, thinly sliced beef or chicken served with a little herbs and green onions.

Hanoi Pho famous 

Com Lang Vong (Vong Village young green rice) is another must-try specialty in Hanoi. Com is made from gao mep Hoa Vang (batata rice). This rice is harvested when it's still young, then cooked, cooled and poured into a stone mill. pounded quickly with a wooden pestle, sifted and winnowed until rice grains become round, equal and fragrant. Com is packed in a gemstone-green lotus leaf to keep it soft and green, and make it absorb lotus flavour. 

Com Lang Vong

Next, it is worth mentioning that West Lake Lotus Marinated Tea is hand-marinated in lotus flowers, imbued with both the essence and sweet fragrance of lotus, bringing the breath of heaven and earth in each tea petal without the taste of tea anywhere else.
From common fruits such as dracontomelum, tamarind, apricot, and ambarella, Hanoi is also famous for o mai Hang Duong (sweetened and spiced dried fruits).

 West Lake Lotus Marinated Tea

Fruits are picked carefully, and then soaked, fermented, dried and stirred in sugar, salt, ginger and chili or cinnamon. O mai is a harmonious combination of salty, the sweet taste of sugar, cool taste of licorice, pungent taste of fresh ginger and natural flavour of fresh fruits. 

Hanoi specialties are also known for dishes such as La Vong fish cake, Thanh Tri roll cake, Hang Manh vermicelli, West lake shrimp cake, Duong Lam peanut candy... Each dish is imbued with the delicate flavor of Trang An people, making it difficult for tourists from far away to forget.
Minh Khue

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