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Ha Tinh Province: Tay Son green tea rose to affirm the brand

Thứ năm, 11-11-2021 | 16:03GMT+7
OVN - Tay Son green tea hill in Huong Son district (Ha Tinh province) with OCOP 3-star dried tea products has been attracting the attention of investors, tourists to visit and experience. Tea growing here is also focused by the provincial authorities to build a new model to develop the economy in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Developing Green Tea in Huong Son

Realizing the potential from the mountainous land of Huong Son district in growing perennial industrial crops, Tay Son Tea Factory (located in Son Kim II commune) pioneered green tea cultivation. The tree can both withstand the humid tropical monsoon climate and bring high economic income.

Tay Son Tea Factory was established in 1959, formerly known as Tea Farm, specializing in growing quality green tea. Up to now, tea has been planted and propagated to green many communes throughout Huong Son district. Accordingly, the dried green tea product processed by Tay Son Tea Factory wishes to bring tea drinkers a pure, rich green tea with a distinct flavor of the central region’s sunny mountainous.
 Dried Tay Son Green tea product - specialties of Huong Son

Before 2015, the area for tea growing in Huong Son was very narrow, only about 150 hectares, the initial output was 700-800 tons/year. Therefore, in the early stage of green tea production, Tay Son Tea Factory faced many difficulties due to lack of investment and labor force. However, with the persistent efforts of the factory and workers, the green tea hills have still developed, becoming a key crop of the economic sector of Ha Tinh province.

Tay Son Green tea - put towards to 4 stars in the future   

Since 2016, Tay Son Tea Factory has implemented an appropriate production and business development strategy. In order for the tea production process to meet standards, the Enterprise has always had strict requirements on the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and environmental hygiene. Bringing safe products for consumption in fastidious markets is always a top priority.

Currently, the area of Tay Son Tea Factory is expanded to Son Kim I commune, Son Kim II commune, Son Tay commune, Son Hong commune... and some other areas. The abandoned land was gradually covered with the cool green color of fresh tea leaves. Tea varieties are improving, new varieties replace old ones, increasing productivity for growers. The current Tay Son tea area is up to 400ha (including 325ha to ensure international standards), the yield is improved by 20-25 tons/ha (in which the point model reaches 35 tons/ha), tea output reaches 4,100 tons/year... The value that green tea brings is also great, creating opportunities for local workers to have stable jobs and relative incomes. Accordingly, 1,154 affiliated households have jobs, tea workers earn 7 million VND/person/month.
 Vietgap Standardized Tea garden

In 2006, Tay Son Tea was announced the quality standards of goods. After that, obtained the typical agricultural product certification of Ha Tinh province in 2015. By 2017, Tay Son Tea Factory continued to be certified with VietGap standards for the entire production area.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ha Tinh province, raising the brand name of Ha Tinh green tea and other teas such as Thai Nguyen tea, Lam Dong tea... will be a big challenge. But with the search for garlic, improvement in each product, from planting, processing, to packaging product to ensure the quality, Tay Son Green Tea has achieved 3-star OCOP 2019.

In addition, the green tea hills are also an attractive destination for tourists. Locals are aiming to open local tours. Visitors will pass through villages with beautiful tea growing terrain such as: Tea Village, Tien Phong, Thanh Dung,...and experience the process of growing tea, picking tea, visiting the factory, etc.

The development of Tay Son green tea production associated with tourism not only helps people in mountainous areas have jobs, develops agriculture and rural areas, and builds new-style rural areas but also promotes the development of Vietnam's market economy and international integration. It is known that Tay Son tea is one of the main sources of supply for foreign markets (90% of output is exported to Middle East countries).

Currently, Tay Son Tea Enterprise has new plans to exploit the potential of Ha Tinh green tea. Improve product quality, expand consumption markets, and aim for 4-star OCOP tea products. This is also the long-term development orientation in new rural construction and sustainable development that Ha Tinh province focuses on directing.
Linh Chi

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