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Dong Thap province: 10 dried fruit products meeting 4-star coop standard

Thứ tư, 10-11-2021 | 10:18GMT+7
OVN - Nam Huy Dong Thap Co., Ltd. has own 10 dried fruit products that meet the 4-star OCOP rating standards since 2019 up to now, thereby significantly contributing to the quality improvement of Vietnamese brands in the international market; job prospects and the quality of life of many households in Chau Thanh district, Dong Thap province have also become better as the same time.
From “the toddler” to “the veteran business” in the markets for dried fruits

Nam Huy Dong Thap Co., Ltd. (settled at Hoa Tan commune, Chau Thanh district, Dong Thap province) was formerly a specialized distribution facility for agricultural products such as lotus, jackfruit, banana, sweet potatoes, etc founded by Mr. Hiep Huynh (born in 1977). After many years of operation, he had soon recognized the enormous potential for abundant raw materials in the locality and neighboring districts, then gradually changed his focus on distributing dried fruit products; thereby becoming one of the popular Vietnamese brands in the domestic and foreign markets.

Nam Huy’s products are extremely diverse with many choices that are able to satisfy demands of fastidious customers such as: Dried lotus seeds, dried jackfruit, dried bananas, dried taro, dried sweet potatoes, dried fruits, dried breadfruit, dried mango, dried papaya, etc. The advantage of these products is the use of fresh ripe natural fruits without chemicals in the production process, giving customers peace of mind and safety. Moreover, the product still retains its delicious taste, and could be stored for a long time, the nutritional value is not inferior to other fresh products.

Not only the rich diversity, its quality is also evaluated and appreciated carefully by experts. Specifically, Nam Huy Dong Thap Co., Ltd. had 2 products of lotus seeds, dried jackfruit that met 4-star OCOP standards in 2019. Up to 2020, the enterprise continued to have 8 more products achieved equivalent assessments by the Appraisal Council of Dong Thap People's Committee.

Started being sold in local markets only, the company's products now have appeared widely in domestic supermarkets, and received many official offers to Hanoi city and some central provinces. The enterprise also gets export orders from foreign markets such as the US, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand ... On average, the production capacity always reaches over 20 tons per month.

In the near future, the enterprise plans to expand the large – scale of production, upgrade equipment to reach 35 tons of products per month. The company will continue to invest in equipment and machinery thoroughly, enhancing self-contained process manufacturing from the preliminary stage of raw materials to finishing products to effectively fulfil the large supply for domestic and foreign markets.  

Contributing to employment settlement and improving the quality of life in the locality

In addition to the orientation of expanding technology investment and diversifying product designs, the enterprise also, through cooperatives, associates with many farmers in Chau Thanh district, selecting high-quality crops to promote the advantages of abundant local raw materials. As a result, Nam Huy Dong Thap Co., Ltd. has contributed to creating jobs and increasing income for about 500 workers in communes and districts (each worker with an income of VND 3.5 million to VND 5 million per month). At the same time, it helps to expand business activities, the scale of industries for the stages of production, packaging, transportation and distribution (more than 30 employees working regularly at the factory, creating seasonal and product based jobs for many locals). 

The direction of investment in production lines, upgrading the quality and product designs, is the guideline for all development activities of enterprises. As a veteran business in the development of the local economy and the mission of serving consumers, Nam Huy Company highly focuses on improving the quality of output products and raising income for local workers. It has not stopped there, the enterprise will continue to register two dried products, jackfruit and lotus seeds in the national 5-star OCOP assessment in the coming time.
Kha Van

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