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Ben Tre Coconut Candy

Thứ sáu, 08-10-2021 | 10:59GMT+7
OVN - It is highly recommended to visit Ben Tre, the land of coconuts and its traditional specialties, including coconut candy - a gift that no one wants to miss.

With a light aroma, greasy taste and finely sweet of Ben Tre coconut has remained in the heart of coconut lovers. Living in a huge area fulled of coconut trees, it is unknown when Ben Tre people first used this sweet watery fruit to make coconut candy.

 From the past to the modern life, coconut candy has been seen as a unique specialty and a traditional craft that symbolizes the culture of this land. The coconuts that are selected for candies making have to be 'sunburnt' since such fully ripen fruits can be strongly fragrant and their water should be finely sweet. The glutinous rice paddy is another ingredient that is used to make into malt with the seeds need to be equally big and well-cooked. And more importantly, the experience in boiling the sugar to make a fresh yellow color liquid determines the quality of the candy. 

Today, Ben Tre people also create many kinds of coconut candy with different flavors such as cocoa coconut, durian, jackfruit, or peanut to meet the demand of many difficult consumers. But the one most loved by the people is the small rectangular coconut candy that makes people's mouth water when just only looking at the paper cover wrapped around the greasy candy. With one bite, it could make people feel its irresistible sweetness. 

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